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Mobile key making services actually cost less than you imagine. For the same price as driving down to a key making service did you know that you can have a mobile key making service come to you? Why not save time and effort driving all over the City of West Austin when you can call us now to come over and make you a new set of keys?

Get to know our friendly key making services in West Austin Texas.

house keysNot only are our dedicated key making technicians experts at what they do, but they are friendly too! When you call us to hire our locksmith services we really go out of our way to make it a whole “feel good” experience for you. From the time that you call us, to when we arrive, to when we say our good byes, the whole key making experience is relaxing and fun.

Competitive key cutting rates and we come to your door!

Save yourself the hassle of having to get lost all over town looking for a key making service when you can call us and we will be there helping you. Even better is that we will be there with your new keys in under 25 minutes! Believe it, because that is what we do at West Austin Locksmith!

Guaranteed high quality blank keys always in stock.

Do you need a key made for an old Studebaker? What about a new 2015 Harley Davidson? House keys? Yes! Yes! Yes! We carry on hand blank keys for everything under the Austin Sunshine!

  • car keysAutomotive keys
  • House keys
  • Building keys
  • Bike lock keys
  • Motorcycle keys
  • Padlocks
  • Key cards
  • And more!

We make keys for everything under the Austin sunshine! Call now! (512)994-0004.

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